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Date of birth August 24th, 1965 in Vienna
Hobbies / Interests sport: tennis, soccer, skiing, cycling / technics maniac / travelling
Nationality Austria
Marital status married with Doris, 3 children
Annika, Stefanie and Jakob
Education elementary school, secondary modern school, engineering school, special subject: electrical engineering, A-level
Career 1985-1989 system software developer at Siemens PSE
1989-1990 network adminstrator at EDS
1990-... trade licence for data processing, working as free-lance software developer (system programmer)
Computer systems Siemens OSD (BS2000), Digital VMS, Microsoft Windows, IBM OS/400, IBM OS/390 (MVS), a little bit of Unix
Computer languages Mainframe Assembler, Cobol, C, C++, Pascal, Microsoft VBA, Java unfortunately still learning
Standardsoftware Microsoft Office, MS Visual C++, SAP R/3 Base, SQL Server, Oracle, ...

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